The mission of Apex is to return power to the people. Specifically community creators, content creators, organizers, influencers, and the entire ecosystem of people that add value to social networks, but receive very little in return.

Large social networks are responsible for moderating the content and conversations for the world. This is an enormous task and requires giving over an extraordinary amount of power to platforms. If you give up responsibility, you give up control.

We believe in a different world, one where creators have the control: they set the rules, choose who gets in (and stays in), and charge if they want. These spaces are private and intimate, where real identity is a choice, not a requirement. This requires creators taking ownership of their spaces. Being stewards in curating conversation, content, and people.

In building this world, we need to make a promise: we will never monetize off of your data, ever. Ads require scale (lots of people generating data to target), data, and accountability (platform must moderate feed so advertisers are comfortable). Our goal is to build millions of tiny little tribes, where each is a home for a creator and their community. The only way to make this endeavor sustainable is to align incentives: we'll make money when you make money.

We're just starting, but everything we build will be focused on creator-first, privacy-preserving social tech that helps people make money, improving their quality of life, and giving them an online space that they truly own.